Patrick Riley and Kimmy

Monday, June 8, 2015

Podcast 522

On this episode of The Riley and Kimmy Show we talk about the Daytona Beach Comic Book Convention, Mego Action Jackson, Alf, Action Figures and Vintage Toys and Collectibles including Baseball cards Sports Memorabilia, Review of the Cosplay Contest, Hulk comic book issue 181. We have interviews with Tim Proctor of The Walking Dead, Ed Tucker of the Pop Culture Collectibles,  Joe of The Comic Book Connection, Greg of Lake Collect-A-Con, The owner of Nerdz Comic Book Shop, Joker Street Comics, Scott of Florida Geek Scene, Shoutout to Artist Austin Janowsky, Joel D. Wynkoop, Mike Kahles, Tom Raupp of Pop Culture Playground, Tidalwave Comics, Katie Roberts, Terry Moore and Jim and Lisa Cara of Carasells Collectibles