Patrick Riley and Kimmy

Monday, June 30, 2014

FDA Approves First Robotic Exoskeleton for Paralyzed Users

Better Call Saul Could Be Set Before, During and After Breaking Bad

Johnny Depp’s Whitey Bulger Movie Set for September 2015 includes Benedict Cumberbatch

Tom Hardy Confirmed to Join Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

Sherlock Returning for Christmas Special in 2015

With so many trailers, do movies give away too much?,manual,manual#!6HI5x

David S. Goyer Developing Horror Novel Snowblind As Miniseries Adaptation

Warner Bros Studios Starts Filming Tarzan Movie

Gotham and The Flash to Premiere at San Diego Comic-Con

Broadway Box Office: Bryan Cranston in ‘All the Way’ Sets Another Sales Record

Looking to Save Money? Here's how to find free HD over-the-air broadcasts in your area

Don't lose your fur-kid! ASPCA Launches Mobile App for Pet Parents

Bryan Singer Teases X-MEN APOCALYPSE Script Treatment

Baby orangutan is best new hope for survival of his species

Was your Facebook news feed manipulated? How nearly 700,000 users became lab rats for psychological experiments

Dog Coughs Up Missing Wedding Ring Lost 6 Years Ago

Batman V Superman Set Photo Teases Henry Cavill as Clark Kent

18 Reasons Florida Should Also Be Called "The Adventure State


Why Mark Wahlberg in 'Transformers' is the best bad performance of the year

Can't go a day without your smartphone? You aren't the only one. A new survey finds...

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence SETI is stepping up its search for alien lifeforms on far off worlds.

Podcast 179

On this Podcast: Help us Name The Dog, Star Wars troubles, Harry Potter Craziness revolving around Diagon Alley at Universal, Constantine, Dawn of The Planet of The Apes, Misconceptions about working in the Comic Book Industry, Batman Day, Coliseum of Comics Sanford Florida, Cosplay and the worst cosplayers.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Harry Potter fans waiting for weeks for Preview of Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley,0,3194330.story

Movie Review Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

New Doctor Who Reference Book

New Terminator Movie Name Change

No Smoking on NBC TV's Constantine and other revelations from Director Neil Marshall

Help Us Name "The Dog"

10 Misconceptions You Have About Working In The Comic Book Industry

Movie Trailer For CrimeThriller THE PRINCE Starring Bruce Willis

Star Wars VII Being Pushed Back to 2016 because of JJ Abrams & Disney conflict?

Podcast 178

On this podcast: Transformers, Michael Bay, New James Bond Movie update, Celebrity Cartoon Voices, William Conrad, Florida & Geezers, Netflix upcoming releases, Buck Rogers, Science Fiction tribute.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Florida gets grayer as baby boomers retire,0,3979169.story

Production Reportedly Delayed on Daniel Craig's James Bond 24 Movie

Michael Bay Doesn't Care Who Hates Transformers

New Films on Netflix This July...Includes Star Trek Movies

The Kids of Disney Princesses


Patrick Riley and His Superdog

"The Dog" Ready For Play

"The Dog"

Podcast 177

On this Podcast: Dracula Untold, Dominic Cooper, Transformers, Star Trek, Robert Orci, Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan, Science Fiction Tribute, Flash Gordon.

Friday, June 27, 2014

OOOOOPS! Miss Florida crowns wrong winner - A scoring error in the Miss Florida pageant

The Critics Comments Bashing Michael Bay and the New Transformers Movie

Former Transformers Star Shia LaBeouf: Erratic Spit At Officer, Asked "Do You Know Who The F_ I Am?"

STAR TREK 3 Director Roberto Orci Reveals The Enterprise is Heading Into Deep Space

Tom Hanks Will Reunite With Meg Ryan In Her Directorial Debut, ITHACA

Transformers Age Of Extinction Ticket 3D Or 2D a review of which is the better buy

Look at Call to Cosplay which premieres on Myx TV on Mon., June 30 at 8 p.m (video)

Are Dogs Colorblind?

Great Artists and friends to The Riley and Kimmy Show. If in the area...please check out their beautiful work

Seth MacFarlane just made the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign go big, pledging $1 million

'Earth to Echo': Could Extraterrestrial Life Be Cute?

New Guardians of the Galaxy’ featurette including detailed look at Ronan the Accuser

Dracula Untold Movie Poster

‘Dracula Untold Trailer: A Monster is Born

James Franco Child of God Movie Trailer

IMAX Announces Free GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Preview Screening (17 Minutes) And Poster Giveaway

Podcast #176

On this Podcast: Superhero Death in Batman V Superman Movie, Pacific Rim, Transformers, Prometheus, Ridley Scott,The Martian with Matt Damon,  Daredevil, Vincent D'Onofrio, Chained Movie 2012, Frozen, Disney Movies, DeLand Florida,Mars,  ADHD, Suicide

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pacific Rim 2 release date revealed and animated series coming

Death...A Fallen Superhero in The New Batman V Superman Movie?,manual,manual#!4wbZH

Frozen Gift You’re Going To Be Forced To Buy This Christmas

Nearby Alien Planet May Be Capable of Supporting Life

Weird News: Retired US Marine claims he spent 17 years on MARS protecting five human colonies from Martians

NASA finds mysterious signal that baffles astronomers

Karate Kid 2 Loses Its Director, But Gains New Writers

Nathan Fillion's Guardians Of The Galaxy Cameo Revealed

Hunger Games actor cast in Marvel's Daredevil

Shane Black Says His PREDATOR Film Is a Sequel, Not a Reboot

LEGO Movie’ Blocks Off Top Spot in Home Video Sales

Transformers Age of Extinction Movie Review

The Dog in The Studio

DeLand Florida competes to be Parade magazine’s Best Main Street in America

34 Ways Disney Movies Are Completely And Totally Messed Up

Mark Wahlberg Talks About Ted 2 Plot...It Will Be Crazier

First Movie trailer for The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1

10 TV Shows From The Past 20 Years That Are Super Overrated

People with ADHD May Have a Higher Suicide Risk

Details on Prometheus 2, The Martian & other Ridley Scott Movie Projects

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Podcast 175

On this podcast: War Games Movies, Chris Hemsworth, Doc Savage, Batman 1988 video, Batman Bruce Wayne Appearing on CW's Arrow or Flash, Ben Cooper Costumes, Rob Zombie, Tribute to Classic Batman and Superman.

1989 Batman Movie Tribute Site Mentioned on Podcast 175 of The Riley and Kimmy Show

Another Adventure with The Dog

‘The Flash’: Grant Gustin’s speedster will zip all over CW in October

A new virtual reality app for Android phones called Cardboard that seems to ridiculous to be real

Nerds, Geeks and Freaks are welcome

Upcoming Podcast 175 of The Riley and Kimmy Show will be a Tribute to Classic Batman and Superman

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Must see for any Fan of The Bat...1988 Warner Brother's Batman Preview History

Why the Evening News Anchor Is No Longer the Most Important Person on TV

Arrow & Flash Fans set the dvrs...The CW reveals its 2014 fall TV premiere dates

Rob Zombie Talking about New Movie coming out on Halloween & Directing a TV Series,150346

Diane Sawyer is stepping down as anchor of ABC's "World News"...replacement announced

Supreme Court rules against internet TV service Aereo

Thor's Chris Hemsworth Being Considered for Doc Savage Movie

Gotham TV Series release of 8 character images

Titanic, Seinfeld top best of '90s poll

MGM Studios 80s War Games Reboot Get Director & Writer for new Movie

Today marks 5 years since Michael Jackson's death. Look back at his most unforgettable moments

Some Easter Eggs in The CW DC Universe on The Flash, Arrow & Bruce Wayne Batman

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Podcast #174

On this podcast: DC Comic Book Movies Worst to Best, GI Joe Movie 3, The Big Bang Theory, Predator Movie Reboot, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, America's Worst companies to work for, Bob Dylan, Channing Tatum, Ghostbusters, Schizophrenia.

Best Locations on Earth for Stargazing

The universe shouldn't exist according to a new theory.

More Adventures of "The Dog"...

Ranking Every DC Comic Book Movie – From Worst to Best

Bob Dylan's handwritten 'Like a Rolling Stone' lyrics sell for $2 million

Channing Tatum the cast of Joel and Ethan Coen’s Hail Caesar Movie. He joins George Clooney and Josh Brolin.

The rate of people who smoke pot is higher among those who are diagnosed with schizophrenia than it is in the general population

The Big Bang Theory returns September 22...Here is CBS TV's Fall Lineup,0,

Shane Black, Fred Dekker to Reboot Predator Movie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Trailer #2: Heroes in a Half Shell

Cold Dead Star May Be a Giant Diamond

10 Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Substitutes,,20424821,00.html

America’s worst companies to work for

10 Things You Didn't Know About Ghostbusters

Jerry Seinfeld on How to Not Be a Jerk in the Digital Age

G.I. Joe 3 to Expand Dwayne Johnson’s Role, Needs a Director

Podcast 173

On this Podcast: Batman, Tim Burton, Michael Uslin The Boy Who  Loved Batman, Gotham TV Series and possible Villian added, Universal Orlando, Horror Nights, 80s Toys including Transformers GI Joe & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes, Health Tip For Nerd, Diabetes, Dementia, Doctor David Perlmutter & Grain Brain Book, Unintended Health Motivator in the Zodiac book The Most Dangerous Game of All by Gary L Stewart.

We Talk About This Book Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter on Podcast 173 of The Riley and Kimmy Show

The Dog Meets The Girl

Monday, June 23, 2014

Gotham TV Series Director Wants to Introduce Mr. Freeze

Transformers Optimus Prime and Megatron 1980s TV commercial

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 1980s TV commercial

If You Live in Central Florida Please Watch and Help Catch The Thieves and Rescue These Stolen Animals!

Rare snakes, lizards stolen from Casselberry Florida pet store

Orlando Florida Mayor Buddy Dyer supports overturning gay marriage ban

Transformers 4 Movie Reviews (Spoiler Free)

Daytime Emmy Awards Young and the Restless Ellen DeGeneres Steve Harvey Among Top Winners at Raucous Ceremony (FULL LIST)

Kelsey Grammer Wants to Return to Future X-Men Movies

Star Wars Episode 7 Movie Could be Pushed Back by a Substantial Amount of Time

Hopefully...11 Things You Definitely Already Know About Tim Burton’s Batman Movie

Gary Oldman Defends Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin

New Transformers Movie May Not Launch New Trilogy, Says Producer

Celebrating 25 years Since Batman's 1989 Theatrical is the trailer for the movie

25 Years After Batman, No Superhero Movie Can Compare

In Honor of Batman Movie's 25th Anniversary...Batdance Video by Prince (1989)

Plastic Man Hawkman Black Panther Starring Wesley Snipes & Other Superhero Movies That Almost Happened

BOO! Universal begins construction for Halloween Horror Nights

Sunrise From Earth's Orbit

The Dog With Patrick Riley

10 Most Powerful X-Men Of All Time

Michael Bay's The Last Ship TV Series Premiere Review

How To Stop Facebook From Getting More Of Your Info, In 2 Steps

Greatest Video Games Of All Time

Movie Review of Jon Favreau’s Chef

How people who are blind dream

Depression Doubles Odds of Heart Attack for Younger Women

Podcast 172

On this podcast: Batman Arkham Knight, Celebrity Wanting to Play Robin in the next Batman Movie, Horror Movie Posters, 80s Cartoons, Jack Kirby & Marvel Comics, Shazam & Captain Marvel, Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter Diagon Alley Secrets At Universal Orlando, Megan Fox, Oprah Winfrey's new movie.

Details on Wonder Woman’s Batman v Superman Costume and more

10 Pounds Meets 205 Plus Pounds

Kimmy and The Dog

Patrick Riley and The Dog

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe Wants to be Robin in a Batman Movie

14 Most Coolest Toy Lines Of The ’80s

Kirby V. Marvel May Head To Supreme Court, With Powerful Friends In The Jack Kirby Estate’s Corner

Oprah Winfrey Joins Paramount Pictures Selma Movie On Camera and as Producer

Batman Arkham Knight Video Game Release Date Leaked By Microsoft Store?

Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch Appearing at Florida Supercon Miami

Barack Obama Is First President to Be 3D Printed

17 Hidden Harry Potter Gems at Universal Orlando Diagon Alley

Marvel Comic Book History Time... Magneto Explained

Jim Nelson Who Helped Build ILM for George Lucas and Star Wars Dies

Top 10 Outrageous & Sexy Horror Movie Posters (viewer discretion is advised),manual#!2c2fy

The original 'Karate Kid' opened 30 years ago today, and went on to earn $90.8 million ($215 million adjusted):

New PlayStation Video Games for June 24, 2014

Animation Secrets Revealed That Includes Toys! 1980s Cartoons & Things You Probably Don't Know About Them

Elevated Blood Sugar Relates to Dementia

Podcast 171

On this podcast: Jaws, Pirates of The Caribbean, Johnny Depp, New Movies & Dvds Blu-Rays Releases, Reptiles, Shout out to friend in Iowa, Kolchak The Night Stalker.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

New DVD and Blu-ray Releases July 2014


Retro Signs For Our Batcave

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Movie to Shoot in Early 2015

Patrick in The Land of The Lost

The Amazing Randi Comments on the resurgence of psychics & TV Personalities Oprah & Dr. Oz

5 Things You Never Knew About The Movie Jaws

Depressed Rhino Befriends Donkey at Zoo,,20826318,00.html?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl3%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D489937

Summer solstice explained: What's happening in space?

Alien Life Might Be Rarer Than Previously Thought

Trapped Like in the Matrix Movies? U.S. Employees: Work-Life Balance Is Non-Existent in Connected Age

Podcast 170

On this podcast: Guardians of The Galaxy, Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, Rosario Dawson, Daredevil,  2016 Movie Releases, Marvel's Doctor Strange, Clint Eastwood Jersey Boys Movie, O.J. Simpson Revelation. Health Tip, A New Disgusting Protein Source.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Who is Marvel Comics Doctor Strange? This brief video explains...

My Fur-Kid Lockjaw


Kevin Feige on why the Doctor Strange Movie is Important to Marvel Studios

The Face of Happiness

Starting The Weeekend

Spoiler Alert! New Guardians of The Galaxy Footage Description Revealed

Roger Corman’s Sharktopus vs Pteracuda premieres on August 2 on Syfy TV Watch Video Clip...

How Peter Capaldi will look as Doctor Who

AC/DC might do 40th anniversary tour

A brand-new food source for protein (if you can stomach it)

Q&A With Carlton Cuse of Lost & Showrunner of Bates Motel & the upcoming FX series The Strain

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Actor Joins Lifetime’s The Lottery TV Series

Thank You!

Nerds, geeks and freaks...those that listen to our Podcasts. We will be recording the 170th Episode tonight! Thank you for listening! 

Film Review: Video Games The Movie

Serial Kiler on Deathrow Claims He Helped OJ Simpson Kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

Hell's Kitchen is getting Hotter! Rosario Dawson Joins Cast of Netflix’s Daredevil

Rian Johnson to Write & Direct Star Wars Episode VIII Movie

2016 Movie List Star Trek 3, Transformers 5, G.I. Joe 3, Ben Hur & More

10 Best DC Comics Movies (So Far)

George Lucas Wants To Build The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum

Matt Damon Is BACK For Bourne 5 Movie

Billy Zane and Vincent D’Onofrio Filming Supreme Ruler Movie

Movie Review of Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys

Hot Toys Captain America 2 Sixth Scale Acton Figure Images

By Accident...Scientists use an arthritis drug to grow hair on The Lex Luthors of The World

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playmates Toys

Dead Rising Video Game Move by the Producers of the Mortal Kombat Legacy Series

Podcast 169

On this podcast: Sin City A Dame To Kill For, Rosario Dawson, Soundtracks, Black Widow, Ulton, Batman, Ben Affleck, Superman, Harley-Davidson, LiveWire Motorcycle, Star Trek, Bryan Singer, Harrison Ford, Star Wars, Outer Limits, Harlan Ellison, Demon With a Glass Hand,Terminator, James Cameron, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Bob Kane, 10 healthy Foods That Aren't.

Breaking Bad Spinoff Better Call Saul Change & Photo

Thursday, June 19, 2014

First Movie Clip For Sin City A Dame To Kill For

Play about Legendary Comic Book Artist & Creator Jack Kirby

Harrison Ford's Star Wars: Episode VII injury is worse than thought

Two villains from Marvel Comics in their upcoming Ant-Man Movie

No Longer a Disney Princess Selena Gomez reveals half-naked photo shoot

The Outer Limits Movie Possible Project by MGM

Amazon Gets Exclusive Rights to Wallace and Gromit Shaun the Sheep Series

Hollywood Walk of Fame 2015 Honorees Revealed Includes Batman Creator Bob Kane

10 Health Foods That Aren't Really Healthy At All

Man of Steel's image lightened up for Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Movie?

Ben Affleck's Batman Stand Alone Movie The Batman In Theaters...

20 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Comic Book Panels Of All Time

Stats Reveal: Americans on Average Sleep Twice as Many Hours as They Work

Prometheus writer in talks for Marvel's Doctor Strange Movie

THE FLASH Star Rick Cosnett Talks About Eddie Thawne and Professor Zoom

TV Seth Green replaces Jason Biggs in Nickelodeon's 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I will be sure to get this new Indie Comic Book series...a definite "Nerd" read LOL

Marvel's Avengers Age Of Ultron Black Widow's New Costume...Details on Vision Ultron

True Blood Anna Paquin poses completely naked with Stephen Moyer in a coffin

Harley-Davidson new electric motorcycle reminds me of the bike the young Jim Kirk rode in the 1st Star Trek movie ;-)

Jimmy Fallon Quizzes Parents on Harry Potter Trivia on The Tonight Show

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley 5 first impressions

Manga Comics Come Alive With Sci-fi cabaret madness at Tokyo's Robot Restaurant

Wonder Woman vs Ms Marvel! Who Will Win The Race To Release?,manual,manual,manual#!0RXpU

Watch Kim Kardashian Video Game Teaser

Olivia Wilde Has Mixed Feelings About Her Nude Scene In Third Person Movie

The final trailer for "Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes"

Podcast 168

On this Podcast: Jimmy Buffett, Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show, Terminator 2 & Billy Idol, Spider-Man 2 & Norman Osborn's head in a jar, Comic Books, Frankenstein, James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe, PBS & Sesame Street

Meet the villains of #Gotham in the latest teaser from Fox:

32 Of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth An Absolute Fortune Now

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Super Boys Book Revew & Superman Comic Book Recommendations (video)

This is part of podcast #168 of The Riley and Kimmy Show where we talk about the world of Comic Books...the past...present...and future.  Patrick Riley reviews the book Super Boys and recommends some Superman Classics.

10 Harsh Truths You Don’t Want To Admit About Comic Books‏

Ex cop Dave Toschi who led Zodiac Killer case will look into claims in new book


Jimmy Buffett buys Margaritaville mansion in Beverly Hills (PHOTOS)

19 Ways Grocery Stores Trick You Into Buying More Junk And Spending More Money

Fifth Bourne movie bumped from August 2015 to...