Patrick Riley and Kimmy

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Super Thank You!

Super Thank You to all my friends who listened, liked, and or shared yesterday’s big episode...our 2000th daily podcast.  I deeply appreciate your support. Also, thank you to those who came out to our 2000th celebration last weekend. Some may not realize how big a deal this is for us.  When I launched the show almost six years ago, I truly did not know how long Kimberly would do the episodes with me...the reason, at that time period she was extremely shy (something that completely disappeared on the first episodes...which you can hear an example on podcast 2000). Also, research by media consultant Steven Goldstein of Amplifi Media reveals the typical podcaster will only do a maximum of seven episodes/podcasts before abandoning it. Going well beyond seven episodes I knew would be no problem for me, for I grew up in commercial broadcasting...I started at a tiny AM radio station when I was thirteen years old (you can hear more about this and listen to the person who gave me my first job in broadcasting on podcast 2000) which eventually lead to working almost every format up and down the dial and to hosting the coveted morning drive shifts and managing radio properties. There have been challenges getting the show on every day...of course technical...having to have backup equipment ready to plug in at a moments notice and mirrored storage sites for the audio of the the event one goes down. Another challenge arose just over two years ago when Kimmy and I were emcees at an event….I went blind in one of my eyes (public didn’t know and we continued on at the event...but Kimmy managed to keep me from falling off stage and from bumping into people/objects...which is a miracle when it is a packed venue).  My sight was gone in one eye for six months, we continued on with the show...not missing a day and not cancelling any appearances.  When I had surgery six months after being stricken (there was a reason for the delay in surgery...a brilliant surgeon was trying not to have me go under the knife...I was under his care/treatment for six months prior to surgery) we still did not miss a show...even though I was bedridden for  days...Kimmy took over the technical parts...and we did not fail getting out a daily episode.  I owe Kimmy big time for all that she has done and for not giving up on the show or me. One more thing about episode of the guests on quite special to me, he is the person who started me in broadcasting. Our roles of being Mentor and protege would eventually change...change to the point years later at a different city and broadcast company from where I started...found my former mentor and I were direct rivals in morning drive...he on a heritage AM and I was host on a high powered FM and further down the road I would become Operations Manager in a different city and hired my former mentor for Morning Drive there.  So, having this former mentor on the show is quite special to me.  If you are still with me, thank you for reading this.  Thank you again to all who have supported our those who have granted interviews, shared posts/episodes, invited us to appearances, listened to the show...all of those things and more...I am deeply grateful. If you missed our 2000th is the link: